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Hi I'm Janet.

I’m passionate about educating and facilitating women and men to create meaningful and loving relationships in their lives.

At this time of rapid change and flux, both environmentally and socially, I feel that the world is calling all of us, men and women, to live and love more consciously to bring about what I think, deep down, most people want in their hearts – a peaceful planet and a planet that is sustainable and loving for ourselves, our children and generations to come. It all starts with us, individually, to begin to take down the armour we all unconsciously carry, to reveal the jewel of what’s hidden behind – our heart.

I love facilitating a space where healing can happen and this ‘de-armouring’ can become a real possibility in people’s lives.

My wish is for peace on this planet, one relationship at a time.

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In case you’d like to know more ….

I am an artist at heart and it has always been a huge part of my life since I was a child.

Being an artist, I am a lover of the sensuous, the sacred and the profound. A lover of nature, poetry, and the written word, the spoken word, of theatre and music, of ballet and dance. A lover of form and of beauty. A lover of the human spirit and it's potential.

I began my career as an art teacher and soon left that to run my own business in screenprinting because it broke my heart to have to grade children on their artistic ability. I started my family with the birth of my son in 1985 and ran a business with my partner in screenprinting, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing.

At 28 I opened a fashion boutique called Exotique in the inner city of Brisbane. I think this was where my inspiration for the expression of femininity began. I also loved mothering, loved the esperience of being pregnant and was passionate about natural childbirth. My daughter came along in 1991, which was the first time I felt like I was a real woman, as I birthed her at home. I felt so empowered.

In 1995 I sat in my first women’s circle and felt a stirring in my soul that has never left me. In 2002, I joined with several girlfriends and created the non-profit organisation, Women’s Wellbeing Association in Queensland which still supports women on their journey of healing, wholeness and celebration.

By 1997 I was feeling ready for a career change when we sold our business. I began my formal training in counselling and Creative Arts Therapy in 1999 and graduated with a Masters degree in 2003. Also during this time I trained with Brandon Bays and became an Accredited Journey Practitioner which gave me a huge amount of experience and grounding in emotion focussed therapy.

In 2005, I had a dream to incorporate the powerful Journeywork with women’s work and Journeywoman was born and developed with fellow female Journey practitioners. I presented Journeywoman for The Journey Seminars in 2005 and 2006 in Australia and New Zealand. Some powerful personal events (including the ending of that 22 year relationship) in that year urged me to take time out. Journeywoman is now presented all over the world.

In 2001, I read an article by Ruth Ostrow in The Australian. She spoke of a woman, Diana Richardson, and described an aspect of making love and sexuality that had a profund impact on me. After that, I had the thought 'I want to meet this woman' (Diana Richardson). I had no idea how that would become true. I found her book The Heart of Tantric Sex in 2005 and was inspired to create a relationship based on the teachings.

My dream came true and I was lucky enough to attend my first Making Love Retreat with Diana Richardson in 2008 with a new partner.

That was when I met Diana Richardson whose humility and humour was inspiring, along with her husband Michael.

This meeting and my training in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy and The Journey Process and personal interest and passion in body based psychotherapy and women’s work has influenced and guided me into the path of conscious sexuality.

This set me on a huge personal journey of healing aspects of my sexuality that I never thought possible. I was granted the privilege to teach the retreat, along my co-facilitator, Gene Thompson, in 2011 and the first ever retreat in Australia was held in February 2012. This was such a natural progression with my background and training and running the first retreat I felt like I finally came home, to my life's calling. I have been teaching the Making Love Retreat for 5 years now.

This led to having the opportunity to be a speaker at TEDx Noosa in April 2013. Here is my TEDx talk.

A couple of years ago, I became a Level 2 Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, with Rachael Jayne Groover, the creator of Art of Feminine Presence, or AFP. This work has been a perfect match to the Tantra I teach and I incorporate AFP into my women's work.

My children are now adults and I have two beautiful grand daughters. I love the beach and live in Noosa, Qld.

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