It's Woman Time

As we move through each stage of womanhood, right from when we start to menstruate, our woman's body can give us plenty of surprises.

Do you act as if nothing is happening and just 'get on with it'?

In our teens, 20's and 30's, sometimes we can get away with that, as many women's bodies can be so resilient. But this does have its consequences in later years.

Let's not make it too late before you realise that this vessel of love - your body, does need more care, more love and more consideration than perhaps you have given it.

That's what Womantime Retreat is all about.... and sooo much more. Here I share the inspiration for this new retreat, why it has been brewing inside me for 18 months and why every woman needs to know what we are sharing at this special one of its kind event.


WOMANTIME WINTER RETREAT - Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Day Woman

20th - 23rd July 2017 - Kondalilla Eco Resort, Montville Qld

There are limited numbers for this retreat. We have so much buzz around this event so call me if you have any questions - 0428 726 849. Read more here.

Opening to Love Retreat

24th - 28th April, 2018
Montville, Sunshine Coast, QLD

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How I Transformed Depression

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Womantime Retreat

16th-19th August, 2018
Montville, Sunshine Coast, QLD

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Conscious Relationships... Bringing Back Connection

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Feminine Awakening Retreat

Montville, Qld

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The Making Love Retreat

21st - 28th April 2019
Sunshine Coast, Qld

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