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Menopause and Making Love

Menopause and Making Love

Menopause can be a time of huge change for a woman. AND her love partner!

As the common symptoms intensify, women who have been so capable and successful in their career and mothering roles can find themselves floundering in the uncharted waters of uncontrollable emotion.

She can feel so tired that she becomes as irritable as a bear guarding her lair. And the rising heat of hot flushes at night...

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TEDx Noosa

Well, in just a few days, I have the honour of being part of a Noosa first TEDx event.

A friend, Carren Smith, urged me to apply over dinner one night in December.

When she suggested it, I felt like someone had poured something hot over me from head to toe!

A sense of dread came over me, as some part of me must have known that I might be part of it.


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