Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Day Woman

The ultimate retreat, to come home to yourself, to learn, to nourish, to nurture, to replenish. Women - you are invited to (re)learn ancient knowledge that is imperative for feminine self care.

Dear Woman, come closer ...

It's time to slow down ...

to being,

.... to being a woman...



As we move through each stage of being a woman, right from when we start to menstruate, our woman's body (and life) can give us plenty of surprises.

Do you shut down, act as if nothing is happening and just 'get on with it'?

Do you feel like your body has betrayed you or you feel somehow broken?

Are you longing for a relationship that nourishes your heart and soul?

Is your body screaming with emotional upheavals, spiritual undernourishment or physical ailments?

Are you tired of your dear woman's body coming last on the list?


Well ... there's a new woman emerging - one who wants to know self love.

One who wants to live an authentic life where she knows deeply she deserves to be valued, loved and respected because she values, loves and respects her own self.

One whose desire to love herself before loving another is foremost as she's learnt that all her focus on others has only drained her body, her emotions and her love.




"Your body is your companion, not your enemy. When you start treating it as you would a dear friend, it changes your relationship with this beautiful physical vessel of love and to those close to you and to the world around you."



At Womantime you will learn:-

  • Heal your relationship to your body on a deep level.
  • How to come to peace with the parts you have disowned or need reintegrating.
  • To unveil your heart, to stay open, while still honouring your boundaries.
  • practices that support your nervous system
  • how to nourish and support your pelvic area which plays a fundamental part in all women's health and wellbeing.
  • Tools to both conserve and expand your feminine energy and how to use this energy to centre yourself, deal with emotions and stay in your own circle of presence in relationship.
  • To rediscover love.


For women who want:-

  • Confidence and deep trust in her body
  • Knowing your body is not broken or betraying you
  • A deeper more loving connection with yourself
  • A more connected Intimate relationship
  • Pathway to pleasure that is not goal oriented but a natural by-product of your own powerful feminine presence



Held at the end of winter...

Time to be

Time to rest

Time to heal

Time to go in

Time to listen




Oh wow. I've just had the most amazing weekend at Melissa's retreat. I'm almost lost for words as to how wonderful this experience was. I really didn't know what to expect but I was definitely nurtured, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Melissa is a beautiful person inside and out, and she radiates the warmest of energies. Just being around her is uplifting. 

Melissa is very generous in the way she shares her home, time and knowledge with her guests. She spent time getting to know each of us, shared her library with us and was really honest and open. I loved every minute of this retreat and so far it has changed my life. I hope to return to keep reminding myself of what is important and that it is ok to have some me-time.

— Lindsey

Janet's ability to make a resistant, closed off, person new to a workshop of hers, as I was, feel safe to open my heart again, to feel connected not just with her but to every other female in the circle as well as my deep inner being, was priceless in my journey towards deeper self-transformation and as well as my precious relationships.  

Authenticity and grace flows effortlessly from this amazing yet humble goddess of a teacher. It is immediately clear and evident that Janet has done the work, at a deep level of her being, and in her own life, and that she is diligently committed to this path. I am blessed for finding her. I am blessed for being able to have been in circle with her.

— Sally Bedwari

Your Facilitator - Janet McGeever

JanetPassionate, grounded, earthy and feminine, Janet brings her 20 years of facilitating experience with women and couples. She is well known for her ability to create a sensitive, safe space for her participants, with her many years as a counselor, Journey practitioner and art therapist, supporting women to find their inner strength and wisdom and helping couples bring mindfulness to making love. For six years she has been co-presenting (with Gene Thompson) Diana Richardson's 'Making Love Retreat'TM in Australia.

She has just published her first book, 'Tantric Sex and Menopause' in April 2018, co-written with Diana Richardson, leading luminary in Conscious Sexuality.

"My work is all about coming home - home to the body, the self and to the inner guide, the inner wise one. It is about a 'falling away' rather than 'building up' or bolstering the feminine ego. I discover for myself, that it's when I shed the protection of the heart that I can authentically return to who I am, and there is always a simplicity in that."

"In the last year I have had to face some physical challenges that I never expected that have had me reassess how I care for my physical female body and this retreat is borne from those challenges and what I've discovered through my own inner and outer healing and research. And now I want to share that with as many women as possible." More about Janet.


Special guest Yoga Teacher - Melissa Borich

Elegant, compassionate, wise and loving, Melissa has been teaching yoga for over 15 years, and has had a committed daily Yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation practice for about 17 years. She has developed a unique feminine approach to yoga that is drawing women from far and wide to experience her teachings.

Melissa feels that Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation bring a quality and honesty into one's daily moments that becomes more tangible the more you practice on a regular basis.

"These ancient and wise teachings become an incredible friend, helping to assist one at   whatever stage of your life’s progression.  From puberty, rearing your precious children, to progressing onward into your wise women years."

"In my yoga classes you are encouraged to explore fluidity of movement, with awareness to breath, how it flows, and where it is felt throughout the body. Also how it influences your peace of mind, by bringing balance to the Nervous system, and replenishment to the Glandular system. Bringing to your everyday moments, good health, a sense of joy, inner peace and knowing."

Melissa Borich is a qualified teacher with Yoga Teachers Australia, she has trained in Mindfulness based Stillness Meditation with the Gawler Foundation in Victoria. Melissa has set up a “Healing Space” on her property in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Take Time

Take Time







This is not:-

  • A retreat with pampering, facials and spas 
  • A fluffy space for new age speak 
  • An experience that gives you a high and then drops you into life to fend for yourself

It is:-

  • is a space where you can rest, get in touch with your woman's soul, body and heart.
  • is a deep and authentic yet gentle space to let your body restore itself to balance
  • will give you grounded tools and knowledge you can start to use straight away - guaranteed you are going to want to tell your girlfriends and womenfolk as soon as you leave about what you've experienced and learned!

Melissa, since my journey into recovery I have been floundering to find my new normal and authentic self and your mindfulness and guidance has truly helped to continue to steer me along what I believe is the right path.  Your kindness, gentleness and compassion has lit a burning fire in my heart to pursue the full journey of mindfulness as I am beginning to believe that is the only way to the truth and absolute peace and serenity.  Thank you Melissa.  You are an absolute inspiration as you clearly walk the walk in everything you do.  Thank you also for trusting us with shares about your journey and family showing that you too have your struggles.  When I grow up I want to be just like you!

— Tracey

This work is life changing. I had no awareness that I was completely numb from the waist down until this retreat, where my body and feminine essence literally "awakened". It not only changed the way I felt within myself, but also allowed me to love others and FEEL their love in return. Since learning this work I have been able to open, mentally-emotionally-spiritually and physically. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Janet in words, my life is infinitely better because of these teachings and the sacred space that was held, allowing us women to just "be".

Thank you Janet, the work you do has changed my life.

— Emily Steckelbruck

What you'll receive

  • 3 days and nights away in the rainforest with wood fires, spas in every room and access to one of Queensland's most renowned National Parks.
  • 3 days tuition from Janet McGeever with comprehensive sessions each day with guest Yoga teacher Melissa Borich. They have a combined experience and knowledge of over 35 years.
  • Support to nutrure you through any transition you are going through in your life right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the retreat?


The Retreat runs for three days and three nights, from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. We highly recommend staying on for one more night, to give time to integrate the beautiful weekend and not be rushing on the last day. Speak with Jacqui at hello@kondalillaecoresort.com who can give you a special price.


What time does the retreat start?


You can book into your cabin from 2 pm. Registration is at 4.00 pm on Thursday and the retreat starts promptly after that. The whole retreat finishes at 4 pm on Sunday.


Where is it held?


The Retreat is held in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland at Kondalilla Eco Resort, Montville, Queensland, Australia.


Is there a choice of accommodation?


Your accommodation fee, paid directly to Kondalilla Eco Resort, of $272 per person for twin share accommodation (note, this is separate to your tuition fee) offers your 3 night stay in a Treehouse, a rustic private cabin looking into the trees, each including a spa bath, kitchenette, lounge space and deck. You can bring your own food for breakfast and lunch and we will arrange a gourmet vegetarian dinner at a reasonable cost getting closer to the retreat time. Treehouses are situated a short and enjoyable walking distance from the group room. If you wish, you can upgrade to a Villa, which is an extra fee, at http://kondalillaecoresort.com/



I have special dietary needs, can you cater for me?


For our lunch and evening meal, our talented chefs offer delicious and healthy mostly vegetarian and gluten free food. When you register, you will fill in a registration form for you both, where you can inform us about any allergies. Please advise us of any special requirements you may have including vegan diets – we will do our best to meet your needs. However, we do not cater for personal preferences, just allergies and strict diets for medical reasons. As you can imagine, it can all get quite complicated! There is plenty of food to choose from.

NOTE:- Breakfast is self-catered and hampers can be ordered from the resort at $25 per couple per day or you can take a short stroll up the hill to the lovely Elements Cafe who will open at 8.30 am for breakfast on weekdays and 8.00 am on Saturday and Sunday. However, they close on a Tuesday so you will have to self cater or order a hamper from the resort for that day.


We will be travelling by air. How do I get to Kondalilla Eco Resort?


The Resort is approximately 1 hour 15 mins drive from Brisbane Airport, and 35 minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport. A taxi costs approximately $60-$80 or you can hire a car from either airport.