Its Called Making Love Isn't?

Here it is … the long awaited TEDx talk 'It's called Making Love isn't it?'

It has stirred me to bow deeply to those who have helped and inspired me over the years to stand up.

The first has to be Gene, who continues to amaze me daily and who has been extraordinary in his love and support. We have been on a massive journey together and like any relationship, yep, it can be challenging! But his devotion to living truthfully and authentically continues to lift me up to a higher standard as we both do for each other, and yet I bow even more deeply in humility at what we learn every day about ourselves and each other.

Gene was there in the wings clicking the slides for me and was there by my side for the months before. It was a journey for both of us as he helped me hone the message more and more, and support me in the dark hours of self-doubt.

So I also bow to Diana Richardson, whose wisdom, grace, humour and elegant simplicity has enriched my life ten fold. To be in your field, Diana, has been a true gift and to be part of the wave that you have created in the world has me shaking my head sometimes at how lucky I am.

Yollana Shore of, you have held my hand from start-up for The Conscious Heart to help me authentically share my message. Your business heart, love and friendship is always like sitting back in an easy chair. Thank you.

Melinda Tankard Reist, who travels Australia alerting teenage girls and boys and their parents about the influence an oversexualised culture has on them and for co-founding Collective Shout, a non-profit watchdog organisation campaigning against the objectification of women and oversexualistion of girls in media, advertising and popular culture. It was reading Melinda's recent books and the shocking statistics that gave me the courage to speak.

And I want to pay a special tribute to Carren Smith of In a way, she's the whole reason I did this — she's the 'friend' who put me up to this in the first place in December and whose constant encouragement and urging me that this message had to go out made me stop playing small and just do it anyway. I cannot recommend her Public Speaking workshops enough. If you have ever felt you want to have your message heard, then just go and be in her presence.

And then I bow to all the women on the Sunshine Coast who are part of the Enlightened Goddess and Spirited Women's Networks. I love how we are all there for each other. It's called Sunshine Coast for a reason I reckon!

And my webmaster, David Andor, whose expertise, understanding and patience with my fussiness in design and colour is forever appreciated.

And finally, my dear family and friends who came on the day — it was such a highlight of my life. And those friends and family who wished me well and encouraged me even though they couldn't be there, including Lorraine Foran and Krishna Everson, I love you all!

And so I leave you with this message ....
If you feel as passionate about our potential, our children and future generations as I do, please share this with everyone you can. Go and post a comment on YouTube or share on Facebook, on your lists … wherever you feel called.
Let's all walk arm in arm, in making this world a better place.


I leave you with a quote on Facebook today, by a dear colleague, Elizabeth Jane Lotscher. Thank you Liz.

"For all mums of teenage boys, for all mums with daughters, for all 30 and 40 something women dissatisfied with their intimacy, for all men who love women and sexual desire doesn't equate with sexual prowess or function and for everyone who is ready to watch a brilliant TEDx talk — watch this. "


May the (Love) Force be with you,
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