Letting Love in

When Michelangelo was asked 'How did he create the David?', he said, "The form is already there, I just take away what it is not."

I spent time with my grandchild the other day. I wonder at who she will be in twenty years time. How will life mould her.

She reminds me of how we are born as a pure expression of love and innocence and then as we grow older, we seem to develop ways of hiding away this love, as protection or survival.

I wonder that our purpose is to be the loving sculptor, to remember this love and find ways to allow what isn't love to fall away, to let down our guard, to reveal who we really are.

Right now, in your current life, how much are you holding back your love?

Or not letting love in?

There's a difference between appearing loving, and truly BEING LOVE.

At the last Making Love Retreat with Gene in Switzerland, I had a huge epiphany - it was like a light went on and showed me very subtly how I can hold back love. As much as we love each other.

And how subtly I can put up a barrier to love.

And there were good reasons for that, as a young child I needed that. But it had stayed with me until now, as a default pattern of protection that has prevented the flow of love to a degree. Is this you too? Whether you are in an intimate relationship or not?

The thing is that in the process, we don't even let the love into our own hearts for ourselves.

It hurts to hold back love. In fact it aches.

And it hurts to hold up a barrier to love. Actually it’s exhausting.

The ego is always working so hard creating ways to preserve the body, or mind, or emotional being and that puts such a load on the nervous system.

It is our resistance to love, or protecting against love, or our stopping of love, that is hard work!

In the safety of the environment and how the retreat was kind of sculpting away on my soul, I couldn't hold back anymore. The protection fell away in an avalanche of tears one day. I was left feeling as innocent and as sweet as a small child. It was like I had been cleansed, or purified and only Love was left, that sweet pure innocence.

And it hasn't left me.

Now when I tune in, I can honestly say I feel love from my fingertips to my nose, from my heart to my toes, right inside every cell of my body.

And it hasn’t gone away. I say this with great humility - I now know, not as a theory, but viscerally, integrally, that I AM LOVE and that my body is innocent.

My body is pure.

My body is LOVE.

You are this too.

And to go into sexual intimacy from this innocence, this sweetness, this purity, this love, is a whole other thing. THIS transforms you. This is what lifts you to a higher love. This and more is our potential. This is YOUR potential.

I am feeling extra excited about our upcoming events after this experience.

If you are in a couple and feel it's time to transform your relationship, deepen your love and inspire your life, come to The Making Love Retreat . If you are a woman, single or partnered, and you ache to feel and embody this love, and yearn to feel empowered in your femininity join us at Feminine Awakening.

Is it time to value yourself and your relationships? Make that commitment to yourself. Contact me on 0428 726 849 if you'd like to have a chat.

How do you hold back your love, to yourself, to others? feel free to leave a comment below.


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