The Making Love Retreat is a 6 day live-in retreat for couples in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Qld. 

The Making Love Retreat is for couples who value their relationship, want an authentic deeper intimate connection with each other, without closing down or compromising themselves.

The Retreat has been running in Switzerland for 25 years by the originators, Diana and Michael Richardson, and has helped thousands of couples improve their intimate relationship, heal their past and reconnect them so they are on the same page. It has been held in Australia now for 7 years by Australian Presenters, Janet McGeever and Gene Thompson.

“In this 6 day Retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function within a relationship. Most of the unhappiness experienced in love has its source in dissatisfaction with sex. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.

Diana Richardson, creator of The Making Love Retreat®


  • 6 days and nights at Kondalilla Eco Resort in a beautiful rustic self-contained rainforest cabin each with a spa bath, nestled in the trees and right next to the iconic Kondalilla National Park
  •  Beautiful vegetarian meals lovingly prepared by amazing Local caterers, mostly organic - don't worry meat eaters! There is plenty for you :)
  •  World class tuition on Tantra, as designed by Diana Richardson, now the leading authority of change in the field of sexuality and conscious relationships. Many Tantra teachers refer to her work as a recognised source. (All retreats are fully clothed in the group room)
  •  Personal attention from Janet and Gene, who have been holding this retreat for 7 years, with over 50 years between them in counselling and psychotherapy 


  • a group sex romp naked in the group room!
  •  partner swapping exercises
  •  sharing your deepest secrets with a bunch of strangers
  •  a teaching about techniques to move energy here and there


  • a safe environment where you are fully supported by 3 professionals 
  •  a private space just for you and your partner to relax and share in a dynamic teaching that will stay with you for the rest of your life
  •  a supportive environment where you will learn certain awareness and mindfulness practices that you can take into many other parts of your life
  •  a week of being with like-minded people and have real honest and intelligent conversations about sexuality - you will feel equipped to share with your children or grand children when the time is right
  • a small group of approx 10 couples, where your privacy is assured
  • And once again, just to make it clear, there is no nudity or demonstrations during the retreat. It is a private couple experience.

I cannot speak more highly of Janet and Gene’s Making Love Retreat that I attended with my husband in October 2016. The teachings are so simple and yet so profound. A year prior to the retreat, we had decided to separate after 17 years of marriage. Our relationship had become very stuck and toxic, which underneath was all related to a loss of loving intimacy. The retreat has completely transformed our relationship. If any of the old ways of relating come back, we simply come back to the practices from the retreat, and we instantly return to deep love, relaxation and harmony in our relationship and our family unit with our teenage sons.

— Jane Mallick, Yoga Teacher and Coach

This week has softened me, marinated me and opened me to really connect with this beautiful man in a way that I have always wanted. The love making is a 180% shift from the unfulfilling robotic way that I was. I feel overflowing presence that has somehow taken me effortlessly to ecstatic states that I have never experienced before. But even more important for me is the fact that I now feel ready and willing to step fully into this relationship with my heart and soul open in innocence and trust, hand in hand with a wonderful man as a fuller , more compassionate and more empowered reason for myself. So much gratitude.

This work can change the world.

— Sharon Turton - Author of The Art of Peaceful Parenting

Through the Making Love Retreat,
you can experience...


  • a deeper, more true connection with yourself and your partner
  • increased love, tenderness and trust between you
  • a clear, simple and accessible way of understanding male/female sexuality
  • deeper relaxation, a deeper trust in yourself, your body and how it functions
  • new insights into yourself, your body and your life
  • more aliveness, passion and vigour for life
  • the possibility to heal past traumas and fears associated with sex and the body
  • new insights into what you can share with your children about sexuality
  • a sense of peace that can pervade all of your life
  • simply enjoying each other more!



Introduce and learn new ways to authentically communicate with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level

Let go

Let go

Men can let go of the burden of performance or expectation to play a role of 'what a man is meant to be'



Women reconnect with their body and find a new place of safety and trust. An inner femininity arises naturally.



Gain new insights and understandings into female/male sexuality and how it can transform your relationship

About your presenters
About your presenters

Hi, we are Janet McGeever and Gene Thompson.

For a combined fifty years, we’ve helped hundreds people through our one to one sessions and workshops. For the last 10 years, we have been running retreats for couples and have taught The Making Love Retreat for 5 years in Australia.

Janet has worked with women for over 20 years, is an author of the upcoming book, Tantric Sex and Menopause, co-written with her teacher and mentor, Diana Richardson. She runs workshops and retreats for women and is a mentor for women and couples. She is a TEDX speaker, and having given her talk in Noosa in 2013, based on the teachings of The Making Love Retreat.

Gene became a marriage counsellor in the late 70’s and opened a counselling and life education centre in the 80’s. Gene has been inspired to write the Six Initiatives for Men, a small but powerful book that supports men to improve their relationships with women, based on The Making Love Retreat teachings.

We have deeply explored the areas of relationship, in particular in the area of lovemaking, in both our personal and professional lives and are passionate about educating and facilitating women and men to create meaningful and loving relationships. 

We have attended The Making Love Retreat with our teachers and originators of the retreat, Diana and Michael Richardson 4 times in Switzerland. When we first attended, our reaction was 'the world needs to know about this work. This is the beginning of world peace!' Maybe a bit far fetched for some, but we believe that if you create peace within the self and thus peace within the couple, you create peace within the family and this can only flow out into the community.

We have attended The Making Love Retreat with our teachers and originators of the retreat, Diana and Michael Richardson many times in Switzerland. When we experienced this retreat firsthand, we were blown away by the deep love, transformation and healing that became available to us. Our reaction was 'the world needs to know about this work. This is the beginning of world peace!' Maybe a bit far fetched for some, but we believe that if you create peace within the self and thus peace within the couple, you create peace within the family and this can only flow out into the community.

We experienced being in relationship together for 8 years and have taught the retreat since 2012. While we have chosen to follow different paths in our personal relationship, we choose to continue to teach this retreat together as we feel it is so important for men and women. We, to this day, care for each other deeply, and continue to be in regular contact as we are both committed to support each other personally and professionally.

This retreat is simple, profound and transformational. We have come from centuries of conditioning around sex and generally, conventional sex only widens the gap between men and women. This retreat helps you both create a common ground for intimacy that you can return to again and again.

For any questions, you can contact Janet on 0428 726 849 or email her on

Our relationship prior to the week was in a great place. We are soon to be married and what we thought was love & lovemaking has now been redefined to a place we never ever want to leave.

I’ve learned how to love my woman as a man. The effect on her is what I’ve always dreamed but never thought possible. I’ve experienced love.

I’m far more attentive in conversation than I’ve ever been. At a deeper level I feel more of a man and I see my partner more as a woman than ever. I feel like our needs have been very clearly identified so we now have a far greater ability to connect. We know what our love should feel like now and we know how to get back to it (in case it ever breaks).

— Simon 32

I always feared the future. I was lost and felt powerless to change my situation as my partner did not see a problem. I became so angry that I wanted to punish myself and found great comfort in this practice. I would continually tell my husband I was a ‘lost cause’.

I felt defective, unlovable and terrible shame. The most enjoyable moment was making love in a way that I always wanted. Inside I knew there was more but could never find it. We cried together. We mourned the loss of precious years wasted because of disconnection and then magically found each other. I now feel as if I am standing on the edge ready to free fall into my life knowing that my best friend is by my side and its all going to be just fine.

I want to thank you both for your love and compassion. And always being there for me. Thank you for an amazing week and the way you explained so much in such an easy to grasp way. My body heard everything.

— Karen 60

I was frustrated and helpless regarding sex in my marriage. Now with this teaching I feel inspired, empowered and excited to be the lover for my wife that she truly needs o find healing, ecstasy and orgasmic bliss in nurturing love.

Through slow sex, I can heal my pattern of feeling “not good enough’. Sex and being a confident lover were major missing pieces of my puzzle. I feel at peace, at home and centered. We now make beautiful love instead of trying to have sex.

— Uhlrich, 44

Who is the retreat for?

The retreat is for heterosexual couples that are in a committed relationship.  It doesn’t matter if you have been together for 30 years or a week, or whether you are 18 or 85! Any couple that has a shared commitment to deepening their relationship can benefit.

How long is the retreat?

The Retreat runs for six days and six nights, from Sunday evening to Saturday early afternoon. We highly recommend staying on for one more night, to give time to integrate the beautiful week and not be rushing on the last day. Speak with Jacqui at who can give you a special price.

What time does the retreat start?

You can book into your cabin from 2 - 4pm. Registration is at 5.15pm. The Retreat itself begins promptly at 5.30pm on the Sunday and closes at approximately 1pm after lunch the following Saturday.

Where is it held?

The Retreat is held in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland at Kondalilla Eco Resort, Montville, Queensland, Australia.

Is food and accomodation included?

No. The Tuition fee of $1195 per person is paid to Janet and Gene, and Food (Lunch and Dinner) and Accommodation ($960 per person) is paid separately to Kondalilla Eco Resort. Breakfast is taken in your room (hampers can be ordered from the resort for $25 per couple per day) or you can take a short walk up the hill to Elements Cafe.

Once you register, an email notifies Kondalilla Eco Resort of your attendance and they will contact you to book your room and to place one night's deposit with them.  You can call Kondalilla Eco Resort on 07 5445 7650 if you have questions about accommodation.

Is there a choice of accommodation?

Your fee of $960 per person for Food and Accommodation offers your 6 night stay in a Treehouse, a rustic private cabin looking into the trees, each including a spa bath, kitchenette, lounge space and deck. Treehouses are situated a short and enjoyable walking distance from the group room. If you wish, you can upgrade to a Villa, which is an extra fee, at

I have special dietary needs, can you cater for me?

Our talented chefs offer delicious and healthy vegetarian and gluten free food. When you register, you will fill in a registration form for you both, where you can inform us about any allergies. Please advise us of any special requirements you may have including vegan diets – we will do our best to meet your needs. However, we do not cater for personal preferences, just allergies and strict diets for medical reasons. As you can imagine, it can all get quite complicated! There is plenty of food to choose from.

We will be travelling by air. How do I get to Kondalilla Eco Resort?

The Resort is approximately 1 hour 15 mins drive from Brisbane Airport, and 35 minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport. A taxi costs approximately $60-$80 or you can hire a car from either airport.

Is this retreat suitable for same sex couples?

While the general approach of conscious “Slow Sex” can be of great benefit to homosexual couples wishing to connect more deeply during love making, the material we teach is based around the polarity between male and female and in its current form, we are sorry that it is not suitable for same sex couples.

An investment into Love is an investment for your future.

You cannot put a price on that.