"Sexual exchange can be a natural passage for love
when the feminine element is honoured,
where there is a relaxation and opening inward first,
before opening to another person."

—Diana Richardson, creator of this retreat and The Making Love Retreat

A five day retreat for women


Do you value your relationships and want to connect more deeply with your sensuality and sexual vitality without closing down?

Are you tired, overworked, stressed and deeply in need of reconnecting with your own feminine heart and soul?

Have you given so much to your relationships, your family, your kids, and work to find that your body is feeling undernourished, underloved and under par when it comes to your own sexual and sensual vitality?

Are you aching for love and looking for it in all the wrong places?


What if you were given the chance to be safely and gently 'held' in a loving space among like-minded women? Where you could dedicate the time you've been longing for to free your body, soul and mind from the bondages of past pain, genetic history and societal expectations, so that you as a woman can begin living and loving the way you were born to. Thus serving the world in a way that fills you up rather than draining the life out of you.

In this retreat you are invited to discover through direct experience, the feminine beauty, strength and grace of Love that resides deeply within each woman's body.

When a woman returns to herself, and relaxes deeply within, she discovers an aching Love, feminine vitality and creativity so great it can move mountains.The longing to live 'in love' can be a reality when we embrace our inner qualities and create the unique feminine vibration of tenderness and grace, of love and light."

And when a collective of women turn their awareness inward, a powerful energy field is created which gives rise to a deep healing of the feminine.

In addition to bodywork, there will be discussions about Tantra, the role of feminine energy in the male-female sexual exchange, and how the difference between men and women represents the creative potential between us. Ignoring our differences has many negative consequences for a woman's health and happiness, and therefore for partnerships, and society general.

The approach is an invitation to relax into the inner- world, to use the body as a bridge to being, and to discover the source of love within. Through this awareness and relaxation, the harmonious flow of bio-electrical energy is restored to the body which increases vitality and well-being. There will be some periods of silence during the retreat, to allow you as a woman to enter more deeply into this inner world.

In addition to this there is self-massage and healing touch to allow gentle release of stored tension that impedes the flow of the body's natural sexual energy. This allows a woman to feel more empowered in her own body and more confident in herself as a woman and lover. This translates to every part of her life - relationships, parenting and work or business. Time to go inward allows this week to be deeply integrative and gently transformational.

What this is NOT

  • We do not do emotional processing. In saying that, emotions are welcomed to move through the body and incredible transformation and release happens through the many practices and experiences of the week. These effortlessly help shift emotions and past memories on a cellular level, viscerally through the body. It is not cathartic in any way. It is very gentle.
  • There is no teaching of 'techniques' to move energy here or there. Instead the invitation and guidance is open to your natural feminine nature and discover the exquisite feminine sensitivity and inherent wisdom that is already there.

This is for you if you :

  • Feel a yearning for something more in your relationships and your connection to your own love, your being and your body.
  • Wish to reclaim your sexuality, sensuality and femininity.
  • Need time to replenish, heal and regenerate your body, mind and soul with women of like-mind.
  • Want to understand a practical interpretation of Tantra for women, as developed by leading world luminary, Diana Richardson.
  • Want to understand what true self-love is.
  • Feel more confident in your own body and it's perfect potential.

Or perhaps you :

  • Want to understand what is holding you back from drawing to you a good loving partner.
  • Want to know why your intimate relationship is not working.
  • Maybe have a wonderful relationship, but are so stressed you can't enjoy your partner and family.
  • Wish to discover the finer, more subtle feminine energies in your body.
  • Have been working so hard or been so busy, you feel a need to reconnect with yourself, your body and heart.
  • Have been to one of our retreats and you are ready to go that step further in your own transformation and deepening as a woman.


​Why else is this so special?

Diana Richardson is an authority whose books are already an essential source used by most Tantra teachers across the world. I believe that her unique, simple, yet powerful interpretation of the ancient practice of Tantra will influence generations to come and I am excited and privileged to be personally invited by Diana to bring this to Australia.

 What you will receive..

  • Selected tuition on Diana Richardson's feminine interpretation of Tantra.
  • Bodywork, movement practices and exercises to embody the teaching.
  • Other selected integrative practices and teaching that I have designed over the years as well as Art of Feminine PresenceTM practices.
  • 5 days and nights in private, lush sub-tropical location at the beautiful, serene and sacred Treehouses of Montville in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Qld. How to get there? Click here for directions.
  • Beautiful quality vegetarian cuisine with a stunning Ayurvedic/Sri Lankan influence through the dishes - no cooking for five days!
  • Time to be gentle with yourself, for rest or swim in the pool or next door at Kondalilla Falls National Park.
  • Additional Day Spa treatments can be purchased by prior arrangement.