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The Journey Method

Do you ever feel like you just can't get over something? And no matter what you've tried, how much you've done to remedy the situation, you just can't get anywhere?

It might be the way someone speaks to you that really triggers you. Or it may be a long held grief that you just can't get past - a relationship, a loved one's passing, a health challenge. It may be how you show up in relationships, over and over - where you just can't seem to have a relationship that works. or lasts longer than a few months.

Whatever the situation, the #Journey Method can help.

The Journey Method is a guided introspective process that enables you to uncover cell memories that have been stored over your lifetime - memories that were too hard to deal with at the time, or that were unconsciously carried over from an experience that you have long forgotten but are influencing your life in a negative way now.

The Journey Method helps with a myriad of issues:-

  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Anger issues
  • Sexual issues
  • Physical illness and ailments

The Journey Method helps you clear some long held resentments, that are blocking you from being happy and moving on in your life.

It helps you open your heart again if it's been closed for a long time.

It helps you forgive and move past old hurts.

I have been a Journey Practitioner for almost 20 years. Healing from depression using the Journey process, inspired me to go on to become one of the first Journey practitioners in Australia many years ago.

What happens in a Journey process?

Initially we talk about what it is you wish to be free of, or to deal with on an emotional, physical or spiritual level. Then you close your eyes, and I take you through a guided meditation-like process that helps you to gently uncover whatever blocks are occuring in your life. Sometimes, it may not be what you expect. We reference the body all the time throughout the process, therefore it is a very body-oriented approach. The body has the answers and it will show you, if guided in a safe and gentle way.

Feelings as they arise are dealt with gently to allow you to uncover what may be beneath to get to the real issue. Eventually you meet your true self, that self that is not burdened by these long held emotions. It is enlightening and liberating. From this place I guide you through a very thorough and compassionate inner child process that helps the child, or younger you safely deal with the emotions that were in the past. Eventually, you come to a place of forgiveness that is so freeing. This is not a token or forced forgiveness - it arises naturally from the whole process.

Read the book, The Journey, by Brandon Bays, the founder of The Journey Method, to find out more about this life-changing process.

Who is it for?

Anyone wanting freedom from stuck emotions, anything from relationship issues, to mental health and physical issues. I specialise in intimacy issues and those related to sexuality and the body, including grief and loss. Any age can take the process.

How many sessions should you have?

Like any sustainable change, it is best for you to have several sessions in succession. One session is possible but I find the best way to experience The Journey is one of the following options:-

3 Session Journey Package

This is what I highly recommend. It is for those who have something that they really want to work through. We book 3 Journey sessions (2 1/2 - 3 hours each) and we dive in to take you on the journey of healing and wholeness. Each journey is different - not one is ever the same! Even if the issue you are working on is the same, there can be many layers of an issue that are uncovered through the immersion of several sessions over time.

Introductory Journey Package

One x 1 hour session plus one 2 1/2 - 3 hour Journey session on two separate occasions. This is a good option if you'd just like to see if the process works for you.

In the first session, I engage advanced counselling skills to gather what we may need to focus on for the Journey process. In that time, sometimes I will bring in some tools for transformation and give you a taste of the process. Then we book your full Journey process a week or so later, or a time that is agreed upon. While I personally feel that the 3 session Journey package is the most transformative option, this may suit you first.

The Journey Method
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