Opening to Love


Despondent and frustrated when it comes to your intimate relationship? Are you yearning for more intimacy, more love, more connection?

Opening to Love Retreat

No matter how devoted you are to each other, if you’re not really connecting when it comes to making love, that lack of connection may affect so many other parts of your relationship.


There are different ways disconnection can show up in a relationship:

Perhaps one of you wants to make love but the other isn’t really interested. You just don’t seem to be on the same page.

Maybe it’s been a long time since the two of you have made love and you’re a bit timid about even going there.

Maybe, despite everything you’ve tried, lovemaking has never really satisfied either or both of you – and you just wish it could be different.

Or .... you really love each other but there’s just not the time…perhaps you are just too plain busy

Whatever your specific circumstance, if the lovemaking between you and your partner is not what you had hoped it would be, it doesn’t have to be that way.

And if it is, or has been, satisfying in the past and you are interested in rekindling or enhancing your experience of love, then this week will truly replenish.

You can connect with each other
and transform the sexual experience into love.

You can make love in a way that honours and fulfills both of you – it is possible.


"I’ve learned how to love my woman as a man. The effect on her is what I’ve always dreamed but never thought possible. I’ve experienced love. I’m far more attentive in conversation than I’ve ever been. At a deeper level I feel more of a man and I see my wife more as a woman than ever. I feel like our needs have been very clearly identified so we now have a far greater ability to connect. We know what our love should feel like now and we know how to get back to it (in case it ever breaks). The most difficult thing was making the commitment to de-prioritise work for that period. Once that was out of the way the rest was beautiful. Sure, we were out of our comfort zone for a lot of time but I can’t bring myself to say any of it was difficult because it was too good!" Simon, 32


The Opening to Love Retreat is for couples who value their relationship, want an authentic deeper intimate connection with each other, without closing down or compromising themselves.





  • 4 days and nights at Kondalilla Eco Resort in a beautiful rustic self-contained rainforest cabin each with a spa bath, nestled in the trees and right next to the iconic Kondalilla National Park
  • Tuition on Tantra, guided practical exercises that you can bring into your everyday life.
  • Personal attention from Janet McGeever, who has been holding The Making Love RetreatTM for over 5 years, has worked with women and couples for almost 20 years.




  • a group sex romp naked in the group room!
  • partner swapping exercises
  • sharing your deepest secrets with a bunch of strangers
  • a teaching about techniques to move energy here and there




  • a safe environment where you are fully supported
  • a private space just for you and your partner to relax and share in a dynamic teaching that will stay with you for the rest of your life
  • a supportive environment where you will learn certain awareness and mindfulness practices that you can take into many other parts of your life
  • Four days of being with like-minded people and have real honest and intelligent conversations about sexuality - you will feel equipped to share with your children or grand children when the time is right
  • A small group of maximum 6 couples, where your privacy is assured
  • And just to make it clear, there is no nudity or demonstrations during the retreat. It is a private couple experience.


changes you and can transform your relationship


The term 'Slow Sex' can seem boring to some, but when you begin, through specific practices, to develop greater sensitivity, physically and emotionally, another whole world opens up. One where love is a natural by-product, rather than a destination. Fears fall away. Closed doors begin to open. New understandings effortlessly reveal themselves and open the pathway to love.


"The love making is a 180% shift from the unfulfilling robotic way that I was. I feel overflowing presence that has somehow taken me effortlessly to ecstatic states that I have never experienced before. But even more important for me is the fact that I now feel ready and willing to step fully into this relationship with my heart and soul open in innocence and trust, hand in hand with a wonderful man as a fuller , more compassionate and more empowered reason for myself. So much gratitude. This work can change the world." Sharon, 58


Your Facilitator

Janet is an educator, speaker, psychotherapist and now author who is passionate about educating and facilitating women and men to create meaningful and loving relationships in their lives and is known for her ability to create a sensitive, safe space for her clients and participants. 

She has co-authored with her mentor and teacher, Diana Richardson, ‘Tantric Sex and Menopause’ which is due to be released in April 2018. Janet was a TEDx speaker at Noosa TEDx in 2013.

Janet has been co-presenter of The Making Love Retreat TM, as created by Diana Richardson for the since 2012. She came to this work when she felt a deep despondency about sexual relationships, and is now inspired to help couples bring more presence to making love, reconnecting to their own hearts and bodies.

What people are saying

"Prior to working with Janet I was feeling frustrated, dissatisfied, angry, confused. My husband and I had always had what I considered to be a great sex life, and then suddenly for no apparent reason everything changed. My lover and soulmate had started experiencing impotence and premature ejaculation, and the worry and anxiety that goes with this, and this started a downward spiral both in the bedroom and in our communication and intimacy on a day-to-day basis.  In working with Janet I came to an understanding about what was going on for him, so that I could be more accepting and empathetic, and we both felt a deep desire to connect more on a 'tantric' level in the bedroom.  The work we did deepened our connection so that we could go beyond worry, anxiety, fear and anger to a place of acceptance, connection and deep love."  Renee, 38

​"I was frustrated and helpless regarding sex in my marriage. Now with this teaching I feel inspired, empowered and excited to be the lover for my wife that she truly needs o find healing, ecstasy and orgasmic bliss in nurturing love. Through slow sex, I can heal my pattern of feeling “not good enough’. Sex and being a confident lover were major missing pieces of my puzzle. I feel at peace, at home and centered. We now make beautiful love instead of trying to have sex." Uhlrich, 44


Opening to Love Retreat


Start and Finish

Arrive Tuesday in the afternoon. Retreat starts at 6.30 pm.

You will purchase your own lunch and dinner. There is the lovely Elements Cafe up the road for lunch and then a selection of restaurants that you can drive to (5 minutes away) in Montville or order a free shuttle to one of a few restaurants that provide that service.

Leave Saturday. The Official ending of the Retreat is Friday evening with a final check in Saturday morning which finishes around 10.30 am.


The Retreat is held in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland at Kondalilla Eco Resort, Montville, Queensland, Australia.


TUITION: $1990 Per couple paid to Janet when you register

ACCOM: $640 Per couple (includes breakfast) - You book your own cabin separately at Kondalilla Eco Resort

FOOD: You bring or purchase your own lunch and dinner - each cabin is self-contained, with kitchen.

This four night retreat is ideal for

  • Parents with smaller children
  • Busy couples who find it hard to take time away
  • Any Couple who in deep need of connecting in an authentic way that empowers both man and woman

More of what others are saying ...

"A 100% shift in our relationship to a deep mutual understanding. From Living in the mind to living in the body, couldn't be more profound. I am freed from the need to “do” anything when we make love and it has become such a joy, to make love with my beautiful partner in presence without agenda. This has had a profound effect on me personally, literally opening my heart to a new way of experiencing the love that I feel for Sharon …" David, 63

"The teachings are so simple and yet so profound. A year prior to the retreat, we had decided to separate after 17 years of marriage. Our relationship had become very stuck and toxic, which underneath was all related to a loss of loving intimacy. The retreat has completely transformed our relationship. If any of the old ways of relating come back, we simply come back to the practices from the retreat, and we instantly return to deep love, relaxation and harmony in our relationship and our family unit with our teenage sons." Jane, 48

 Make Love your Priority


Call Janet on 0428 726 849 or email on for any queries.

We look forward to seeing you and supporting you on your journey of love.