6 Month Immersion

Enliven your Body, Unveil your Heart, Empower your Life


It's time ....

For a Womantime Deepening


This is for women who


  • Want to deepen their intimate relationship or create the relationship they want
  • Have lost confidence in their sexuality and sensuality
  • Are tired and burnt out and want to nourish their hearts, their bodies and their soul
  • Want to find their own voice, and learn how to express it lovingly and respectfully
  • Are going through an important life transition and needing support to embark on the next phase of their life
  • Support other women and want to deepen their skills and understanding of women's work


You will

  • Learn to embody more feminine ways of being in life rather than the mechanical automatic way that closes the heart, including Tantric practices that support your body to open up.
  • learn to honour your body and deepen in the practice of authentic self-care
  • Receive support through any kind of transition you are going through in your life, whether it be work, personal, hormonal, pregnancy, birthing, the empty nest when children are leaving home, elderly parents, grandchildren arriving etc.
  • Heal your heart and body of past hurts so they can be freer in their expression of love in their relationships and life
  • be a source of wisdom and inspiration for your peers, your family, your daughters and granddaughters equipped with helpful tools and tips for care of the female body and those with sons and grandsons who have benefit from your female wisdom in how to treat women in this time of rapid change and online influences.



This is a 6-month personal online support programme for you to take at your own pace on an individual and group basis, and it includes face to face sessions and two retreats .

While each month has a theme, and specific embodiment and meditative practices will be offered and suggested, this is a journey where you can be supported where you are.

You will receive: -

  • TWO Weekend retreats -  at the start for introduction, the middle of the programme for deeper work and a two day weekend at the end for a celebration of where you have arrived and vision for moving forward.

    4 x 60 min sessions with Janet for personal one on one time with Janet focusing specifically on your individual needs for emotional support, emotional processing, healing of your heart and body, guidance for your relationships or attracting the relationship you want.

    PLUS, each month will contain: -

  • Short focussed video with Janet introducing the theme for the month, with tips, guidelines etc

  • A half hour interview with an expert in her field on the theme of the month.

  • 2nd short video or audio from Janet introducing a concept/meditation specific to the theme that you can use daily.

  • One hour group live Zoom 'Sister Circle Satsang' and Q & A call with Janet (like Skype) that is recorded and placed on the portal, pre-scheduled so you can connect with the teaching and others throught the course.


"Your body is your companion, not your enemy. When you start treating it as you would a dear friend, it changes your relationship with this beautiful physical vessel of love and to those close to you and to the world around you."


Monthly Themes and Outline


3rd - 5th April 2020

This year we start with the Deepening retreat. Time for us all to spend a weekend together, where the embrace for sharing and support, being seen and heard is here. A deep, healing nourishing weekend that includes Janet's 'Unveiling process', 'Forgiveness process - healing shame and hurt of self and others', and consolidation of embodiment practices. And time to be a woman and have fun!! Further details on registration. (Please note that food and accommodation is not included on the weekend retreats.)


APRIL 2020 

Unveiling Your Feminine Heart

When women close their hearts, they close their bodies. When women close their bodies, they close their hearts. They are compromising the very thing that feeds them internally and nourishes their relationships and life. And yet, sometimes it is very hard to get out of this loop. This month will be about how we unconsciously and habitually put up barriers to love and how we can start to soften these so that we can create the relationships we want. How our emotions can be signposts for self-care and how forgiveness can strengthen our heart. We will learn the polarities between women and men and how woman can amplify her polarity, awakening both her heart and her body.  Breasts and heart, being the source or love, this will be our focus and will also run through as a theme for the whole 6 months.


MAY 2020

Restoring Balance

A woman’s hormones are like a symphony and they are delicately affected by lifestyle, stress, nutrition and emotional health and wellbeing. Expert of this month is a specialist in female self care, highly researched in hormonal balance from a lifestyle, meditation and yoga perspective. A deeper look at the hormonal picture for women, how to balance hormones, how to aid the health of the pelvic floor and restore balance to the entire nervous system, and how the right kind of Yoga and meditation for women can support hormonal health and self-confidence. Being the end of the year, December will be the perfect month to deepen and steep in these teachings to replenish and nourish your body.


JUNE 2020

The Wild Womb

The Womb is the source of creating. This month you will be offered space and time to enter into the wombspace through writing and drawing exercises. So energetically we will tune into what wants to be birthed in you, what is being gestated and what wants to be expressed. With our expert of the month, we go into an-depth look at essential self-care for women, including understanding of the placement of the womb and the effect on health and specific pelvic issues. We will talk about the common female issues that are hidden and not discussed. We will be diving deeper into specific and essential self-care of the vagina and womb. (There are many talking about womb steams or Yoni Steams and women getting themselves into trouble by not following guidelines or not being guided correctly.) Our expert will address this in our interview.


JULY 2020

The Whole Woman

The experiential theme for this month will relate to the emotional aspect of ‘falling down’, ‘dropping’ emotionally and how to lift ourselves energetically and physically. We dive more into healing sexual shame and healing our history - both familial, ancestral, social, religious and personal. Our physicality affects our emotional state. With our expert, we discuss how posture can affect the integrity of the pelvic organs – pelvic health for women of all ages – from teenage to the elder years. We cover specific exercises designed to help with prolapse and incontinence. Specific Yoga poses will be revisited to support you.



The Magnetic Woman

Are you continually hiding? Hiding your talents, your gifts, your beauty, your intelligence, your brilliance from the world? What makes some women so magnetic and others not? Our expert of the month has perfected the art of helping women find their voice and their confidence to create that magnetism that can bring you a better relationship, attract the love partner you want, to get that job, or create that new project or business you've been yearning to create. Looking at essential and more subtle ingredients for self-care in an energetic sense.



Love, Sex and Relationships

The biggest mystery of our time is relationships. When the real truth about sex is revealed, problems in the bedroom and intimacy can fall away. Our expert this month has a very individual take on what it is to be a woman and what ‘Tantra’ really is. A revisit of the essential foundation of Tantra, ie polarities between men and women and introducing the circulation of sexual energy and how we can harness that. Also, we talk about what it is to be a single woman in the world, as well as coupled. The month will be focussed on bringing it all together, sharing how we can affect change in ourselves and the ripples that come from that.

11th - 13th Sept 2020

Bringing it all together! We come together for a weekend of wicked celebrations, reflecting on where we have come from, and visioning where we are heading. This weekend includes, as a gift from Janet, a photo shoot with Sunshine Coast photographer, Nicole Hoshke. Nicole's sensitivity and sensibility of being able to capture the essence of each woman is extraordinary. You will receive photos you can use as a keepsake of your journey, for your very own private use or for your public profile. (Please note that food and accommodation is not included on the weekend retreats.)


Your Facilitator

Janet is an educator, speaker, psychotherapist and now author who is passionate about educating and facilitating women and men to create meaningful and loving relationships in their lives and is known for her ability to create a sensitive, safe space for her clients and participants. 

She has co-authored with her mentor and teacher, Diana Richardson, ‘Tantric Sex and Menopause’ which was released in April 2018. Janet was a TEDx speaker at Noosa TEDx in 2013.

Janet has been co-presenter of The Making Love Retreat TM, as created by Diana Richardson since 2012. She came to this work when she felt a deep despondency about sexual relationships, and is now inspired to help couples bring more presence to making love, reconnecting to their own hearts and bodies.

What people are saying

"Janet's ability to make a resistant, closed off, person new to a workshop of hers, as I was, feel safe to open my heart again, to feel connected not just with her but to every other female in the circle as well as my deep inner being, was priceless in my journey towards deeper self-transformation and as well as my precious relationships. Authenticity and grace flows effortlessly from this amazing yet humble goddess of a teacher. It is immediately clear and evident that Janet has done the work, at a deep level of her being, and in her own life, and that she is diligently committed to this path. I am blessed for finding her. I am blessed for being able to have been in circle with her." Sally

"The combination of embodiment work, teaching and creativity flowed effortlessly and I loved the variety of this dance of heart, body and mind. I experienced some deep personal shifts in my own energetic blocks, especially during the creative expression and visioning, and feel I have disentangled some deep and unseen barriers to love."  Shirley

"Having Janet mentor us was an amazing opportunity. Her gentle, affirmative guidance was like a balm for my soul. Rare is the chance to consult with an elder who has walked the path before us and can help guide the way. Thankyou Janet for your humble, supportive wisdom that comes from the depth of your experience, heart space and presence." Zoe, Weaving the Women's Way

"I knew that this would change me but I didn’t know how. I have connected to myself as a woman in ways I never thought possible. My femininity has always seemed like a mystical ‘thing’ that was out of reach. I now feel aware of my woman's body and am no longer feeling shame around being female." Emily


Q & A’S

What if I miss a month or I am going away?

Everything will be on the online portal and you can access any time. There will be a good amount of buffer time after the finish of the course so you can still access it. All resources will be downloadable and you can keep for yourselves for future.

What if I run into something that I cannot handle emotionally and it brings up too much?

You have four one hour sessions with me included in the course that can be used any time. I am more than qualified to deal with emotions – it’s my job! I’ve been a Journey practitioner for more than 17 years and have been working with clients for around 20 years. You may need extra support with one on one sessions. These can be arranged individually. However, you will receive plenty of emotional support in the group – there will be Melissa, Jodie and Renee.

What if I don’t have Facebook?

There is the online portal where you can log into and download the videos and interviews. It’s true that apart from the one hour zoom call, more interaction will be on Facebook, so it might be time to join! You will also have a sisterhood sister, another woman who your are paired with (this can be self selected), who you can talk to for support and sharing any time. The group will be small - 8 - 10 women so it will be intimate on the group calls.

What if my partner objects?

Let them know that I am happy to talk with them and to answer any questions. I can speak with you about it to help you communicate in a way that might help.

What if I live overseas or am too far away to attend the weekend retreats?

I totally understand. If you are able to make at least one of the retreats, it would be worthwhile. If you are unable to make them, with the internet now, the content delivered and the overall transformation is worth its weight in gold. It really depends on your own participation and willingness to stay on course. We will be here to support you the whole time. You also have the four sessions with Janet and the monthly Zoom calls where you can interact with the Janet and the group live and face to face.


One fish does not swim alone.

It swims with its tribe, it's group. It is then less prone to the perils of life in the vast ocean.

It's ability to thrive, not just survive, is nurtured by the community around them.

So many women are striving to create their own businesses, juggling work and constant everyday pressure of life, sacrificing their relationships and becoming depleted and undernourished in the process.


Is it time?

For Deep Rest...

and Deep Wisdom?

Then Immersion is the only way.


This immersion is designed to support you to stay on track, to support your continued feminine self care, and your journey of being a woman.

Come join me and a small group of women who are dedicated to their own self care, self love, and serving humanity from a full cup, rather than one half empty.

Call Janet now on 0428 726 849 or fill in the form below