About Janet

Hi, I'm Janet.

I help women and couples connect more deeply in their intimate relationships.

I am an educator and author of ‘Why Women Close Down and How to Open up Again’ and together with Diana Richardson, world luminary and author of many books on Conscious Sexuality, I co-authored ‘Tantric Sex and Menopause’.  I am also a keynote speaker in the Health and Wellness Industry and I’m a TEDx speaker in my controversial TEDx talk in Noosa in 2013, on ‘Making Love’.

I have been an accredited Journey Practitioner and counselor for the last 17 years and have in this time helped hundreds of people improve their lives in all areas. The Journey Method consistently achieves great results for me and my clients for a whole range of issues, from turning debilitating depression to feeling the exhilarating joy of life, like in my own personal experience, to helping to deal with challenging physical issues or emotional trauma.

And over the last 6 years, I have co-presented The Making Love Retreat in Australia, which was created over 25 years ago by my co-author, Diana Richardson.

People are always surprised to hear what a wide range of women and couples I can help. From those in their 20’s wanting to create a solid foundation for their future relationship right through to couples in their 60’s and 70’s who want to reignite the passion and connection between them. The powerful tools and practices I use to give them a pathway to love that empowers them to create the relationship they want.

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In case you’d like to know more ….

I love my life – I am doing what I love. To empower women and couples in their intimate relationships. I personally enjoy beautiful relationships with my friends and family, as well as my co-presenters and team and I live an abundant life. I pinch myself sometimes when I remember being on the TEDx stage or authoring a book alongside Diana Richardson…

But it wasn’t always like this…

By 1999, I had suffered from depression and social anxiety for several years. My condition and quality of life had deteriorated so much, that I couldn’t leave the house – it was excruciating to go out in public and I was crying all the time.

I’d even wake up crying!

I tried anti-depressants which were even worse in parts, as this just flatlined every feeling! Including my joy, my sex drive… I felt like my life was going nowhere but down a dark black spiral, when I came across an article in a magazine by Brandon Bays and I really connected with her message: by sheer coincidence Brandon Bays, creator of The Journey Method, was to come to Brisbane, close to me, within just a few days.

It was at this very weekend that I, for the first time in many years, felt myself. It was at this very weekend that I became free of depression. I was so amazed by the result and so worried it might just be a temporary fix, that I didn’t even tell many people about it… for 7 months. It was at the same weekend though that I also promised myself I would spread the word about this if it worked!

The Journey Method and all the tools I started to learn and apply meant that my life had really changed. I was truly happy for the first time in a long time! I was more confident, I felt I had a purpose. I’d found a way to express my love more easily and effortlessly. My self-esteem started to improve. I was being a better mother and literally, all my relationships improved. In fact, my relationships with family members improved so much, I forgave them for misunderstandings way back when. You might not think that is so much that I share this here as a major breakthrough for me - but this came after 40 years of painful conflict with my sister! I was finally able to have a beautiful loving supportive connection with her that has lasted and deepened to this day.

Equally, my life changed dramatically when I found The Making Love Approach.

I came to The Making Love Approach at a time when I felt completely shut down sexually. I did everything – tried every modality I could find to ‘get my body working again’ and nothing worked. It was such a problem in my relationship that I had a nervous breakdown and became very ill after which that 22-year relationship ended. But my search for what was ‘wrong with me’ never ended. When I heard the work of Diana Richardson, one of the world’s luminaries on conscious sexuality, and experienced the simple yet profound teaching, I finally realised there was in fact nothing wrong with me, and that conventional sex, with its intensity, tension, and stimulation, was causing the problems within the relationship and resulting in the negative consequences on my body, mind, and emotions.

For the next 8 years, with a new partner, I experienced the beautiful joy of slow sex, transforming the sexual experience into love and I want to share this powerful and unique teaching with the world. I now feel empowered and equal as a woman, confident in my sexuality and the inner workings of my body. I found myself to be much more peaceful, more loving, and compassionate in a relationship, far less emotional, my health improved significantly and I was able to be more creative in my outside life. I began writing and I now write a monthly column in Holistic Bliss Magazine, as well as my regular blogs on sex, love, and relationships. It also helped me find my voice and feel more empowered to speak it. In fact, I was featured on the front cover of Holistic Bliss Magazine in February 2016.

I am continually upgrading my training as a psychotherapist. Recently in Couples therapy with The Couples Institute, Attachment Theory and Trauma training, plus continually with The Journey Method. All these including training as a counselor and a Master's Degree as an Arts therapist, with The Making Love Approach combined, I believe I have a very unique offering that I know can empower women and men in their personal lives and intimate relationships. You see, you can’t just focus on sexuality per se – you have to deal with the emotions in an intimate relationship, the nuances that create blocks in communication as well as intimacy. And if you want a really beautiful relationship, you can’t just focus on the emotions – you have to find a way where man and woman can meet as equal yet opposite and that’s what The Making Love Approach does. All these combined offer powerful transformation and possibility for men and women.

For example, take Linda, a mother of two young boys, who was ready to leave her marriage due to physical issues that made her reluctant and uninterested in making love and were in deep grief about breaking up her family.

Within just a few months of mentoring with me, including my step-by-step Intimacy Process, she was able to re-enter the intimate relationship with her husband, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary just 6 months ago, saying that they are stronger and happier than ever as a couple. Needless to say, she now has her family back together and they are an inspiring role model for their community.

Or Maria and Peter, business owners and parents and grandparents to a large family, who have been married for 40 years but had not made love for about 10 years. Being disconnected for so many years prevented any true intimacy between them.

In just one week at The Making Love Retreat, they were able to come to peace with each other, to learn more sustainable ways of connecting, and to re-enter their intimate relationship in a way that they never imagined possible.

They are now confident to enjoy the next phase of their life, knowing that they are able to rekindle their love with more ease and joy.

If you happen to know anybody who could benefit from the results of Linda and Maria & Peter, then download my free report on Why Women close Down and How to Open up again – or perhaps you’re wondering if Tantra is right for you -  just pop your name and email address and I'll send you my new report about Tantra.

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