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The Art of Feminine Presence

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...a woman who wants to know self-love.

A woman who wants to live an authentic life where she knows deeply she is valued, loved and respected because she values, loves and respects her own self. And nothing short of that will do.

A woman whose desire to love herself is foremost above loving another, as she’s learnt that all her focus on others has only drained her body, her emotions and her love.

Where did my libido go!?


I know... it's crazy right? You used to feel really open and sexually alive ... and then one day... poof! It all went away. Hey, don't stress ... there's NOTHING wrong with you - I have some deep and powerful insights I want to share with you.

Receive your FREE 17 page excerpt here.  It's for women who value their relationships, yearn for intimacy, yet find it hard to open up again. And for men who want to understand why the woman in his life has closed down and what to do about it today.

  • I gained a deeper relaxation into presence …. I’m more aware of the exquisite subtlety of body sensation in making love and sexual connection when away from love making. The whole week was just a beautiful experience . So glad I said yes.

  • I have a new awareness both of where is home in my body and when I am and when I am not present, and a new awareness of where to come from in lovemaking. The retreat has been beautifully and sensitively presented, with great faithfulness to its origins and with great personal experiences related in openness - one of the significant milestones in our 23 year marriage.

  • Authenticity and grace flows effortlessly from this amazing yet humble goddess of a teacher. It is immediately clear and evident that Janet has done the work, at a deep level of her being, and in her own life, and that she is diligently committed to this path. I am blessed for finding her. I am blessed for being able to have been in circle with her.

    Sally Westcott
  • Amazing! I feel like I have come home. I feel I now have permission to be a woman and be in my femininity – no more hiding. I can’t thank Janet enough for holding this beautiful space of Love, Grace and Sensuality. I feel proud to be a woman, to be in my body, to own it in a loving, nurturing way. To be sensual and feel pleasure and have fun.

  • Janet's ability to make a resistant, closed off, person new to a workshop of hers, as I was, feel safe to open my heart again, to feel connected not just with her but to every other female in the circle as well as my deep inner being, was priceless in my journey towards deeper self-transformation and as well as my precious relationships.

  • Having Janet mentor us was an amazing opportunity. Her gentle, affirmative guidance was like a balm for my soul. Rare is the chance to consult with an elder who has walked the path before us and can help guide the way. Thankyou Janet for your humble, supportive wisdom that comes from the depth of your experience, heart space and presence.

    Zoe, Facilitator, Weaving the Women's Way
  • The combination of embodiment work, teaching and creativity flowed effortlessly and I loved the variety of this dance of heart, body and mind. I experienced some deep personal shifts in my own energetic blocks, especially during the creative expression and visioning, and feel I have disentangled some deep and unseen barriers to love.

  • I feel more alive and joyful. And very in touch with a part of myself that I felt belonged to others, now it belongs to me – my own sexuality.

  • Transformation happened on all levels and now I feel 43. I will be keeping this up in my everyday life – ‘Eternal Youth’. I’m now in love with me and my luscious body. I am feeling parts that I haven't felt before. I have totally unraveled my nervous system that have been so wired because of the abuse and my thoughts.

    Julie, 62
  • Before the Feminine Awakening retreat I was terrified. I knew that this would change me but I didn’t know how. I have connected to myself as a woman in ways I never thought possible. My femininity has always seemed like a mystical ‘thing’ that was out of reach. I now feel aware of my woman's body and am no longer feeling shame around being female.

    Emily, 27

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Lovemaking Beyond 40

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Add the word Tantra to that and it goes further. There is a great misunderstanding of what the word Tantra really means.

It can conjure up being naked in a room with strangers, partner swapping, and so on. But this has given tantra a bad rap. The word Tantra...

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Reconnecting Relationships in a Post-covid World

Reconnecting Relationships in a Post-covid World

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Hi, I’m Janet.

I work with women and couples who value their relationship and want to deepen their intimate connection without compromising or closing down physically or emotionally.

As an educator, speaker, psychotherapist and author, I am passionate about educating and facilitating women and men to create meaningful and loving relationships in their lives. I am known for my ability to create a safe space for my clients and participants, especially in the sensitive realm of sexuality. 

I have co-authored ‘Tantric Sex and Menopause’ with Diana Richardson, someone I greatly admire and who has taught me a lot. Our book was released in April 2018. Also a keynote speaker in the Health and Wellness Industry, I became a TEDx speaker in my controversial TEDx talk in Noosa in 2013, on ‘Making Love’.

Let's be honest. I don't always look like this. Sometimes I look and feel really ragged. I am many faces of the feminine, soft and gentle, fierce and strong, wild and free, joyous and grieving, creative and stuck, funny and serious, messy and together. I have endured as much as anyone in my almost 60 years of living and I have now officially entered the sacred path of Grandmotherhood.

I am deeply compassionate about humanity and passionate about truth and love. Injustice can really get me fired up. And life has handed me an unexpected gift - to teach Tantra. In my experience, Tantra is the ultimate ‘undoing’. Ours is a sweet, simple and natural approach to intimate relationships, with no techniques to engage the mind, which I love, because it tenderizes me to shed all that is not love and cultivate presence within. It is ordinary, within which the extraordinary appears. It is a deep natural mystery. Through this path, I have found a way to come home to and awaken the woman within.

When women wake, mountains move. The awakening needs to be not just in her body, it needs to be in her heart and in her psyche. 

And when a woman authentically embarks on this awakening, life radiates from her and her natural state, love, is more apparent and more available to her. She can then show up in life, in her work and in her relationships in a very different way.

This is what I want for you.

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Conscious Relationships... Bringing Back Connection

“I don't want to make love with you anymore.”  

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