Are you stuck?

I used to feel annoyed when people would say, ‘Oh, your creative energy is connected to your sexual energy.’ It’s just that your second chakra is stuck – oh please!

Until …. I experienced it for myself. See, I am a bit of a sceptic. Until I experience something for myself, I don’t really believe.

However – energy is energy – there’s no one separate energy for this and one energy for that – it’s all one.

Creativity comes through in all ways – being pregnant is a creative process, mothering, fathering, working, cooking a beautiful meal can be creative, arranging some flowers in your house, designing a building or a garden is creative.

What I have experienced though, is a direct connection between how I made love to how creative I became in my life. Making love where the energy is always expressed outwards has a very different effect on the psyche and body than if you, through your awareness; retain that energy- at least for some time. That’s where slow conscious sex comes to the fore.

The chemicals associated with sex actually begin in the brain, in the pineal and pituitary glands. In conventional sex, the energy is raised and then released out of the body. What we teach in our retreats is how to create the environment to effortlessly allow the energy to recirculate back through the body and return to its source, the brain.

But this is not done through some mystical technique. The body has an inherent and natural ability to regenerate and recirculate this energy all on its own. Flooding the body in soothing chemicals that bathe and saturate the glands to a state of deep relaxation, and it is from this state of deep relaxation that the creativity is sparked.

If you feel stuck emotionally, or stressed, then you can feel stuck creatively. But it’s good to remember that the body and psyche respond very quickly to its environment. Blocked creativity today does not mean its long lasting – it can change in the blink of an eye. And usually it has to do with being in the body and not in the mind. As soon as the flow comes back into your body, things start to shift.

 So whether you are single or partnered, the secret lies in allowing stagnant energy to move, through gentle physical activity, slow lovemaking if possible, or a combination of both movement and being in stillness – embodied meditation. Then creative expression will arise naturally.

It's a bit of a running joke while making love that I need to have my computer or a writing pad nearby to start writing as the inspiration just starts flowing!!

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Janet is a speaker, author and mentor, who supports women and couples to deepen in their intimate relationship. She is presenter of Opening to Love Retreat and The Making Love Retreat for couples in Australia. She is co-author, along with world reknowned author, Diana Richardson, of the upcoming book, Tantric Sex and Menopause, Practices for Sexual and Spiritual Renewal.


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