As Women are we lost?

As Women are we lost?

As women are we lost?

Are we striving too hard for some idealised dream of sex and love, floundering around in the mind's swirling offerings, exhausted by the effort of seeking?

Are we getting buried by our own expectations, leaving us incapable of truly expressing our God-given nature? Love?

We put great weight on sex, and its ability to deliver the final frontier of ecstasy, of power, of love.

Buried beneath the rubble of expectations, of ideations, lies a jewel. Something so innately present, so precious, so deeply wonderful, it can take your breath away.

Feminine Sexuality has been vastly and deeply misunderstood. The body is amazing, complex and magical. Yet the path to it's magic is simple, sweet and uncomplicated. 

I am not a lover of techniques and wiz-bang theories that engage the mind, as impressed as I am at them at times. If it takes me into my head however, then I'm not interested. Because experience has shown me that is the most unreliable place when it comes to lovemaking, to love, to pleasure, expansion and female presence.

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Here is a recent article I wrote in Living NOW Magazine published in March edition.


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