The Secret to Your Feminine Vitality

I think the first time I truly became aware of my breasts from the inside was when I began breastfeeding my first child at the age of 24. Unbeknown to me, I was being initiated into a phase of womanhood that at the time was simply a practical and healthy choice for my child.

Little did I realize the true pleasure I’d receive from this nurturing and nourishing experience of feeding life force through my body to him. No matter how busy I was, or how I was feeling, I’d finally relax when I fed him. It was like I was home again. The same when my daughter came along when I was even more appreciative of this divine devotion of mother to child. 

Now, almost thirty years on, it’s all falling into place, as I understand the vast significance of the breasts to a woman to her health and sensual vitality.

For many women, breasts are too small, too big, too floppy, too this too that. For some they do not have any and feel a loss of their womanhood through breast removal. If that’s been your journey, my heart goes out to you and something I do want to reassure you of, is that this vital energy, this life force is still present with or without the breast. Just like a limb can be felt when it has been amputated, the breasts that have been removed can be palpably felt if a woman takes the time to be still and opens herself to their inner energy. Women with breast removal have shared this in our retreats.

Our inherited sexual conditioning of genital focused, speedy sex means that the tender touch and love that a woman’s body and breasts need to truly relax and open up, are often left out of the picture for a woman.  She comes to think she has a sexual problem, which can be incredibly disheartening.

When a woman takes time to feel her breasts from the inside, to hold them gently from underneath and touch with tenderness, a subtle tingling is felt inside and a resonance begins to awaken in her womb and genitals. Then she can come to know this life force is within her own body, no matter what age she is.

One woman, a birth educator and midwife had a light bulb moment when I shared this in a talk. “That’s what we tell women to do to help the baby come down! I never thought about it applying to lovemaking!”

A great healing practice for a woman’s body and psyche, to awaken her inner sensual, sensitivity, is to take 20 minutes to lie down morning and evening and bring awareness to her heart, breasts and nipples. Over time, sensitivity will return to her body and there will be no doubt in her mind of her own feminine vitality.

It helps a woman AND man come home to their own body and is an important key to The Making Love approach as taught by Gene and myself at The Making Love Retreat coming up in November.

And if you are single, it will enliven and enrich your vitality, and create the attractive force in beautiful readiness for a relationship when it comes along. (see My Zurich Experience post to read for yourself)


This article was published in the October Holistic Bliss Magazine.



P.S Your body is not broken. Menopause is a gateway, a privilege, a time to embrace change with grace and step into a life that is empowered, loving and alive.  This is your birthright as a woman.  You have been waiting for this all your life... Buy my book Tantric Sex and Menopause on Amazon AUSAmazon US & Amazon UK.

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