Thank you

A big thank you to those who attended the Slow Sex movie in Sandgate Thursday night.

We had some fantastic feedback about how professional the movie was and how it so clearly stated such simple yet important keys for life, not just lovemaking. Someone joked that the whole teaching of the movie could have been applied to the technical hitch we had - letting go of the goal and relaxing! Mmm…Good point! Thanks for hanging in there with us!

I want to extend my appreciation to Yvonne Lumsden of OneLove (who introduced the night) She was the one who said, "Let's put on a movie night!" As she said, she was so inspired that she wanted to support us to bring it to the community.

Yvonne and her lovely partner, Ian, attended The Making Love Retreat recently. Yvonne is a very humble person with sincere integrity and who works with individuals and couples in Brisbane as well as doing fantastic body work/massage and running Kundalini Dance and workshops for women. Thank you Yvonne!

Everyone appreciated the home cooking - cooked with LOVE, like all our retreats - you can taste it in the food! And the special and warm atmosphere created by our helpers - Julie and Con, Pat, Jodie, Chirone, Aly, Mel and Ian.  You were awesome!! Thank you with all our heart.

For your continuing journey, please take a look at these upcoming events…

The Making Love Retreat, 10th - 16th November.
All Woman workshop (new!)

Stay tuned for further dates through my newsletter with monthly updates and include an article with tips for relationships and lovemaking.. And if you missed the night and would like to purchase the Slow Sex DVD or any books, feel free to browse here.

With all love and I hope we meet again!



P.S Your body is not broken. Menopause is a gateway, a privilege, a time to embrace change with grace and step into a life that is empowered, loving and alive.  This is your birthright as a woman.  You have been waiting for this all your life... Buy mine and Diana's book Tantric Sex and Menopause on Amazon AUSAmazon US & Amazon UK.

The Road Back to Intimacy

The Road Back to Intimacy

I've seen a lot in my almost 40 years of personal growth and more than 20 years of psychotherapy.

The changes, the trends, the breakthroughs in relationship and trauma theory have reshaped therapeutic environments. And I've seen a lot in my time of exploration into the subject of sexuality and relationship I can tell you.

And, what I have witnessed and been prey to at times, in the name of 'personal growth'...

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Making Love your Priority

When the lovely, Luanne Mareen, in her Answering the Call of Your Purpose series, interviewed me recently, she prompted me to ponder my purpose. It did make me contemplate what led me to do what I do.

I really believe our 'purpose' is more simple than we think. It's just the avenue or the pathway through which we live that purpose that can vary, according to our life circumstances. Whether...

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Are you in love or fear?

Are you in love or fear?

It's a crazy time right now. In Australia, the level of fear in the air seems to be heightening. There's an agitation, a fragility in many. Are you being pulled into it or are you able to remain buoyant?

This low-level anxiety affects our nervous systems and ultimately can affect our relationships. We are at survival in some ways. And our primal brain (survival brain) responds to this fight-flight. Stress and...

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How can I reach her?

I often hear men say, when they speak about sexual intimacy, "It's her problem, not my problem. I want it. She doesn't".

Well, it's not that simple! And it's not her fault, and it's not his fault. There is a lot at play here.

In this video I am primarily speaking to men. But roles can always be reversed. Sometimes it is the man who is retreating from sexual intimacy, so I...

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Mindful Menopause

Mindful Menopause

My daughter took this photo in Melbourne early in 2020.

Contemplating my beautiful journey with her as a mother made me think of something that happened as she grew up. To be honest this is a little hard to admit! But for the sake of any woman approaching perimenopause, well, here I go ...

One day when she was 12, and I was 42, I found myself behaving like a crazy woman...

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Transforming sex into Love

'Why can I not reach her anymore?'. This is the question so many men are asking me lately.

I am seeing a change in men generally these days. Their bewilderment engenders humility. Their hearts are aching to love and to see their partner shine again.

I see this in their faces as they arrive on the first night of the Making Love Retreat, downhearted and confused. Sometimes years of tears ready...

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